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About Us

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A Helping Hand Foundation was founded in the year 2012 by a young social entrepreuner who further brought group together to contribute towards betterment of the society with a focus on child education, holistic child development and women empowerment. We share a common dream – a world where every child is showered with love and is given opportunities for their bright future; a world where no child’s innocence is marred by the horrors of child labour, and a world where women’s wellbeing is paid attention to and they’re empowered to sustain themselves and their family.
Despite being the capital of India, Delhi has over 4 million people living in makeshift homes in slums that are overcrowded, lack adequate water supply, sanitation, and security. Children of these slum dwellers often do not get access to basic education and instead have to start working to support their family. At such a tender age, they are forced to grow up in a haste and suffer the loss of their childhood and innocence. They are taken advantage of by employers who use them as cheap labour. United Nations recognises the deprivation of these resources to be a violation of fundamental human rights. It is not just the responsibility of the government to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals or groups. It is the duty of us – the citizens – to do our bit in ensuring equal advancement of all sections of the society. The statistics and the problem is same across India when we talk about less privileged one in our country be it rural or urban India. We at Ahhfamily vowed to put an end to this widespread violation of people’s fundamental rights, especially of women and children residing in the slums of metropolitan cities. We aim to empower them through education and employment by implementing models of development that are tailored to the needs of the community. Ahhfamily has organised programmes such as – Butterfly- Child Welfare and Education (wherein basic education is provided to impoverished children through comprehensive learning methods), Ahhfamily Toy Library (wherein the child’s growth is supplemented using educational toys, games and books in an environment which cultivates and encourages the child’s imagination and creativity), Rooh – Awakening Women’s soul (wherein women are empowered to generate self-employment and a means of income using training of vocational and professional skills), and Project Aarogya (providing accessible and affordable healthcare to the underprivileged).

Our Mission

India being a democratic country, the role of state is primary and crucial in formulating and implementing policies for social and economic development, however being the most populous and largest diversity the problems of the society is vast and complex and with the aim of serving the nation and supporting the government on various fronts we have started this organization to support the government on various fronts in alleviating the pain and suffering of marginalized, needy. As we know about the poor, helpless and homeless people who are being left out and are living their lives in pathetic condition and are facing social exclusion. Our organization is searching these types of people who are really needy and helpless, who have no shelter and source of way to survive their lives smoothly, they don’t have even a little food to fill their empty stomach, they are victims of starvation. Due to starvation they have no sound health, they can’t stand them up and held in the shackles of poverty; they are suffering from different kinds of disease and due to lack of finance they can’t even get relief from ill health and are devoid of proper treatment .they don’t have even ragged and old cloth to cover their naked body to save them from hot summer or cold wave. They don’t have any shelter to spent sleepy night under any roof or on any bed; they have to spend their entire life under open sky and on the rocky bed. Some other such a poor helpless old couple, old man, old women in spite of getting support of their families , have to wander here and there, begging for food and water and it is very tragic to see there suffering in a phase of life where they need care and love. We through our organization we always want to become closer to them and precede our helping hand to solve these kinds of problems. In this way today there are about thousands of needy people who are really are really served by us and we are able to better take care for their better life and peace: Just come and join us and get blessing of God

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